Winter weddings can be a great way to save money without compromising on style, for a magical big day you will love for years to come. Find out how...

While most couples choose to get married in the warmer, summer season, a beautiful winter wedding offers plenty of promise, too

May to September is often considered the height of wedding season – the weather is (usually) warm and sunny, the grass and leaves on the trees are green, and the chance of rain is – for the most part – less than likely to ruin your special day.

But it turns out that winter weddings are now becoming almost as popular with soon-to-be-wed couples. Here are just some of the reasons you should be planning to get hitched at this beautiful time of year…

Snow on your wedding day

If you’re lucky enough to get a dusting of snow on your big day, your photographs will really make your wedding look like a winter wonderland.

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The further north you are, the higher your chances are for those magical moments, so look for venues in Scotland, or around Manchester or Yorkshire.

And did you know that snow on your wedding day is also considered a sign of prosperity and fertility?

Romantic evenings

With the nights drawing in, you can start an evening party that bit sooner, which means you have longer to enjoy it!

Dress up your venue and get the atmosphere going from the moment dusk sets in. Use fairylights to create a magical scene and remember you can dress up exterior trees, too.

Use candles to light walkways outside and if your budget stretches to it, why not have a firework display after the speeches?

“The light can be amazing for a winter wedding, think of all those candles, tea lights, open fires and lanterns,” says Kelly Hood of Boho Weddings.

“But remember to book an early wedding ceremony, otherwise you will run out of daylight altogether. If you go for a 3pm ceremony the light will be gone by the time you get out of the church.”

“Winter weddings also work well for smaller more intimate groups as you’ll already have a cosy atmosphere to start with.”

Make your money go further

Choosing a winter wedding date gives you a big bargaining chip with your suppliers. Winter tends to be a less busy time of year, so you’ll find more availability and suppliers are keen to sell their wares at this time. Look around and use the internet to see what’s on offer.

More availability

If you’ve set your heart on a venue and are getting married at fairly short notice, you’ll find it much easier to get your dream Saturday date in winter.

What’s more, it’s even easier to book your venue if you decided to get married midweek. Your guests will also find it easier to get accommodation locally and may decide to have a mini winter break as a result.

Winter weddings can be a great way to save money without compromising on style, for a magical big day you will love for years to come. Find out how...

A holiday season

If you get married over the Christmas period and New Year, you’ll find that many people have taken time off work in any case, so if you want to have a mid-week wedding then go for it.

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A wedding on New Year’s Eve would be super special, what better way to start off a new year than being Mr & Mrs? Of course winter isn’t just Christmas, you could get married over Valentine’s Day and still have a wintry theme.

A seasonal highlight

If you marry in the winter, it’s unlikely your guests will have been to a big do for a while and they’ll be ready for a good party – unlike the summer, when your guests could become weary and fed up with weddings!

Dressing up for an evening winter wedding is also easier in some ways – girls can just wear a pretty cocktail frock and they’re all set to go.

Your winter wedding survival guide in three simple steps to make your magical wintery day stress-free and simply stunning!

Mulled wine by the fireside

When you’re looking for venues, check out ones that are particularly suited to the winter season – we’re thinking castles and stately homes that have big hallways dominated by an open fire place.

As your guests arrive at the reception, serve mulled wine in the warm and later on you could use this area as a chill-out area for offering tea, coffee, cake and maybe a nightcap. If your venue has a Christmas tree, all the better!

Honeymoon in the tropics

If you marry during July and August, you’re likely to have to pay more for your honeymoon as it’s during school holiday season. You’ll also have to avoid places like the Caribbean because of hurricanes at this time.

Marry in December or the winter months and you won’t have this issue; it’s the perfect time to visit the Maldives, South Africa or a Caribbean island.

Don’t get hung up on the weather

If you’re marrying in winter, you don’t need to worry about whether you’re going to have rain, sun or whether it’s going to be cold.

Winter weddings can be a great way to save money without compromising on style, for a magical big day you will love for years to come. Find out how...

You’ll be expecting winter weather, your guests will be ready for it and you’ll be holding your wedding indoors in any case.

Okay, so if you get a snowy day that’s a bonus, but unlike a summer wedding being held in a marquee, you won’t be anxiously checking the long-term weather forecast.

Your big day look

Some of us have looks that just suit winter as a time of year more than summer. If you’re fair skinned and spend your time avoiding the sun, why not celebrate your style and opt for a winter princess look?

Enhance your big day look with accessories in rich plums, forest greens, berry reds and scarlets.