Are Clean Origin’s Lab-Created Diamonds the Best on the Market?


Company Review:

A third generation jeweler, the designers behind Clean Origin strive to create exceptional quality jewelry for the best price possible. Curating an exceptional collection of lab-created diamonds, Clean Origin offers a 100-day, money back guarantee as well as 24/7 phone and e-mail support to make sure you feel “as sure about your ring as you are about your soon-to-be partner for life.” Most notably, Clean Origin has the very best prices on the market (trust me, I’ve done my research), while remaining 100% conflict-free.

The Comparison:

One of the unique differentiators—when it comes to Clean Origin—is the unbeatable price. To prove our point, we compared round, solitaire, 1.0 carat diamonds and found the following:

Clean Origin is less expensive than James Allen, Ritani, Blue Nile—in other words, every company you’d expect to offer a better price when that is simply not the case.

Designer and Custom Items:

On the homepage, customers are given two options: Shop Diamonds or Build Her Ring. Given the company’s commitment to customization, it comes as no surprise that Clean Origin is one of the frontrunners when it comes to custom items. Any ring can be customized to your exact specifications—and that one of a kind ring is just a phone call away.